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UC College-Conservatory of Music 

"DeGeorge and his cast have really pulled off a remarkable feat and its one that needs to be seen."

- Kirk Sheppard

The Sappy Critic


The intimate setting at the Know paired with a multitude of bodies in this show is stunning. The direction and choreography of RUNAWAYS deftly plays with physical repetition, sound, elemental noise, and creative transition using little more than the feet, hands, and musical expertise of the performers.


"The show, overall, is a breathtaking surprise - the young performers are so wonderfully earnest, proving again just how fantastic CCM is at curating and developing compelling performers. RUNAWAYS showcases racial diversity in a way that enhances the individuality of the CCM performers; we, the audience, are given real glimpses into the different lives these performers take on and are left wondering at the emotional vein that connects performer to character. The show is delicate, poised, quietly funny, and brave in its retelling - a worthwhile undertaking from CCM and the Know Theatre."

-League of Cincinnati Theaters


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